Zipp HITOP Wheelset

Today Zipp announced their latest wheel set aimed at XC MTB Racers, the 1ZERO HITOP.  Their new rim is aimed at being both lightweight and radially compliant giving riders and racers a smooth ride on the nastiest XC courses.  Zipp says the HITOP is ideal for bikes up to 130mm of travel. 

Zipp has long been a proponent of compliant rims with their 3ZERO MOTO which was a single wall, super compliant rim aimed at the enduro and trail crowds.  The 3ZERO MOTO rides great but was always a bit heavier than some other options.

The 1ZERO HITOP builds on the philosophy that your wheels should be lively and work to provide some damping from the terrain rather than just being as stiff as possible.  They claim to have accomplished this through a proprietary rim layup and specially tuned rim profile.  The rim also has a nice wide bead and resting surface for the tire which in our experience helps minimize pinch flats when you smash into rocks a bit harder than intended…


The higher end, 1ZERO HITOP SW will come equipped with the new Zipp ZM2 SL hubset that Zipp claims is “among the lightest on the market” which given the very low system weight of 1,325 grams, we believe them.  The ZM2 SL hubset will be available with either XD or Microspline driver bodies (No HG option available) and have 66 points of engagement.  The more affordable 1ZERO HITOP S wheelset will ship with the Zipp ZM 900 hubset that will be available in the same XD or Microspline options (NO HG available), have 52 points of engagement  and will be a bit heavier than the SW but still weigh a very respectable 1,495 grams.  Other than decals, the SW and S versions of the wheelset both share the exact same rims.  Both wheelsets will include Zipp’s lifetime warranty.

The SW model will also ship with the newest TYREWIZ 2.0 tire pressure monitoring system which has a more sleek design than the 1.0 model and provides +/-2% accuracy at a resolution of 0.1 PSI.  If you are buying the HITOP S model, you will have to purchase your TYREWIZ separately.

While we didn’t have a chance to ride the new HITOP wheels and only got to see them in the shop, we have always been huge fans of Zipp rims in general and have built countless sets of the 3ZERO MOTO’s with great results so we are excited to see how the new 1ZERO HITOP works out in the real world.

Zipp 1ZERO HITOP Rim Profile
Zipp HITOP XC Race Wheelset

Zipp ZM2 SL Hub Sound Check!

Because who doesn’t love a good hub sound check


Zipp 1ZERO HITOP Specs


Wheelset Weight:
1,325 grams
1ZERO HITOP S: 1,495

Rim Depth:  21.2mm
Rim Inside Width: 30mm
Spoke Count: 24 hole front / rear
Rim Construction: Carbon – Hookless
Tire Compatibility: Tubeless or Tube-Type
e-bike Compatibility: No limitations, although probably not the best choice for e-bikes unless you are a light / smooth rider.
Weight Limit: Total system weight limit is 286 lbs *System weight is rider, gear and bike weight combined
Warranty: Lifetime

Wheelset Cost:

TYREWIZ 2.0 Cost: $120 MSRP


If you want to get your own set of the 1ZERO HITOP wheels or just talk options in general, we are more than happy to get you set up so just reach out at the contact form below or give the shop a call!

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