Show your Bike some Love

Regular service not only minimizes the chance your bike leaves you stranded but it also ensures things run quiet, smooth and efficient for years to come.

Service Specialists

We focus on being the best bike mechanics in Colorado Springs.  Most people don’t take their car to the dealership for service, instead they look for independent service specialists.  We prioritize making your bike run as well as possible without trying to upsell you on unnecessary accessories.  

Fixed Right the First Time

We pride ourselves in the attention to detail we give every bike regardless of its value.  We have decades of combined experience working on every type of bike.  Let us use that experience and attention to detail to make sure your bike runs as smoothly as possible.

Any Bike – Any Repair

Your one stop shop for repair work.  We are happy to work on any type of bike and can take on any repair or tune up you may need including bikes and components many other shops may turn away.

– E-Bike Repair
– Tandems
– Hand Cycles
– Wheel Chairs
– Tubular / Sew Up Gluing

Service Menu:
Quick Tune $65


Complete Overhaul w/o suspension work $275

Complete Overhaul with fork service $325
*Fork seals not included in price*

Complete Overhaul full suspension $350
*Seals and bearings not included in price*

Tubular / Sew-Up Gluing: $50-$75 per tire

à la carte Service is always welcome.
*Contact us for estimates for your specific needs

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Located between Old Colorado City and Downtown Colorado Springs.

720 W Monument Street
Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
(719) 428-5861