You Order – We Build

Did you find your dream bike online but need someone to build it?  We are here to help!


Let us build your dream bike!

If you found your dream bike and are unsure where to take it to get built then we are here to help!  We will give your bike the care and attention it deserves to keep you riding smooth for years to come.

Our bike builds go above and beyond what many other shops will do including:

– Stress relieving and re-tensioning wheels as needed
– Adjusting bearings that are often overtightened from the factory
– Facing brake mounts as needed, you would be surprised how many high end frames need this
– Trimming brake lines proper length
– Fitting you to your bike matching your riding style and goals to your personal physiology.  Our shop has a dedicated fit studio attached run by Robert Mayfield.

To save you the hassle of transporting your unbuilt bike to the shop, you are always welcome to have it shipped directly to our shop!  We do ask that you call or email us before hand so we know to expect your bike and that we know how to contact you when it arrives.

Pricing varies depending on how the bike arrives.  Some bikes are preassembled from the factory and only need fine tuning while others are bare frames that must be built from scratch.  We are happy to give a proper quote when we see the bike in person.  Detailed fit through Robert Mayfield is an additional fee but we are always happy to help with a basic fit when you pick up your newly assembled bike.

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