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There’s a saying that the cobbler is always barefoot, and as someone who rides a lot, my bikes and parts are often pretty worn out (not to mention weird or one-off parts). No matter what crazy stuff I bring Chris, he always makes it happen! Ahead of schedule, under budget, and I’m always stoked to stop by there to catch up.

Everything from custom wheel builds, to a 3d printed dynamo wire guide (just because it’s fun and tidy) I can’t recommend Elevation highly enough. This is a top notch crew and shop, with incredible attention to detail and customer service!

– Ashton Lambie | 2021 UCI Individual Pursuit World Champion

Your wheels are the very thing that your downhill bike, road race machine, TT bike, and even something as casual as your beach cruiser. It wasn’t until I trashed a pair of carbon wheels on my enduro race bike that I decided that it was time to look into getting some custom wheels put together. Chris had been trying to convince me to get some nicer and more well built wheels, given my history of destroying stuff.

Right away I could tell a difference. I took them as my race wheels to one of the rockiest and roughest races I’ve ever had the pleasure of racing: The O’Rock Epic Enduro. All weekend I was sure the wheels were going to be trashed from bowling my way through dicey moss covered rocks. After getting back and getting them to Chris to touch up, we discovered they actually only needed a slight touch up from 3 full days of enduro racing.

Chris has now spoiled me and my bikes just don’t feel the same if I’m not on a pair of wheels made by him. I’d highly suggest chatting with Chris to see what he can do for you. Whatever prior notions you have about custom wheels, I promise you they can be just as affordable as mass produced wheels and will be worth their weight in gold for the value that they add to your riding.

– Geoffrey Fryer | Fryer Performance Coaching

Team CoreCo is a non-profit racing team with athletes racing,
riding, and exploring the world on bikes. We ride wheels built by Chris Murray because we choose only the best for our equipment and service vendors, and Chris Murray at Elevation Wheel Company is the best, hands down.

Our hand-built wheels from Chris Murray have taken podium positions at such races as The Cape Epic in S. Africa, La Ruta de los Conquistadores in Costa Rica, the Iditarod Trail Invitational in Alaska, and numerous day and stage races elsewhere. We even have a set of wheels that Iohan Gueorguiev is relying on for his around-the-world bike packing expedition, which is porbably the toughest challenge that any of our wheelsets will face. We continue to rely, ourselves, on Chris Murray and his quality builds to keep our team of adventurer-athletes running smoothly, and so should you! Loving our wheels, and thankful that the old-school quality that Chris Murray stands for is still valued in the marketplace today. Cheers

– Will Muecke | Owner | Team CoreCo

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