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Do your tools have a warranty?

Yes!  We give a lifetime warranty on all of our tools.  We build our tools for every day abuse in bike shops so they should be up to the most demanding environments but if one ever fails, please reach out via the contact form and we will get you a new one ASAP.

Do you ship internationally?

We do!  We have distributors in Australia, the UK and USA.  We are always looking to reach other countries so if you would like to carry our tools be sure to send us a message.

Australia | Lead Out Sports:
UK | Noble Wheels:

We encourage you to order from our distributors above but if you need to order something direct that they do not carry we are happy to work with that distributor to get you the tools you are interested in.

If you need to order directly, our shopping cart should auto calculate shipping to your country but if something seems off, please reach out and we may be able to process things better manually as WooCommerce does not always calculate international shipping well. 


Can I buy your tools in distributors?

Yep!  We currently have our spoke nipple shuffle boxes in BTI.  If you are a distributor and are interested in carrying our tools, please reach out via the contact form and we would love to set you up.  We are actively looking for international distributors for our bicycle tools as demand outside of the USA is definitely growing lately!

I have a tool idea, can you help produce it?

We can!  We are always looking for new ideas to fill needs in shops.  We do all our CAD and 3d printing work in house.  We also have a great local machine shop for things that can not be 3d printed.  If you send us an idea for a tool that we take to production we are happy to offer incentives there!

Can you help with other 3d printing projects?

We would love to!  We have made everything from custom forearm pads for aerobars to custom dog wheelchair parts.  Even if your project is not bicycle related, we can likely help as we always enjoy new projects.  We can print up to 300 x 300 x 400mm and are capable of printing most material types including:

– Nylon
– Polycarbonate
– TPU (flexible filament)
– 17-4 PH Stainless Steel (requires offsite processing)
– Carbon fiber infused filaments