DT 3 Pawl Drive Ring Tool with Hex Back


Our drive ring tool allows the use of an impact wrench to remove stubborn DT 3 pawl drive rings.  No more broken vices or a lack of leverage for stuck drive rings.  Perfect for simplifying DT 3 pawl to Star Ratchet conversions!

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This took is made of 4140 steel so it’s tough enough for impact wrenches or absurdly long pry bars because we all know those little drive rings get way too tight!

Tool uses 24mm socket or wrench.

This tool works with the 3 pawl DT drive rings making service and conversions to star ratchets much simpler!

Made in Colorado Springs, CO!

Lifetime guarantee on all tools sold*

*Drive ring tool is built to be used with either a socket or boxed end wrench.  It is not built to be clamped in a vice as a hex does not resist clamping forces well.  Tools will not be warrantied if they were deformed from clamping in a vice.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

Black Oxide, Purple Cerakote


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