Noble Wheels Spoke Nipple Driver


The perfect pair to our nipple shuffle boxes!  This tool allows you to quickly pick out spoke nipples from inside a shuffle box to make lacing wheels much easier and quicker.  If you don’t have a nipple shuffle box, it still can be hand loaded to let you lace deeper section rims with ease.

Made in house by Noble Wheels from solid brass and stainless steel on their manual and CNC lathes.

Main shaft is 6mm thick and long enough to reach into a 60mm carbon rim. Designed to work with 14g (2mm) nipples of all varieties (12mm, 14mm, double square, squorx, inverted etc etc). The grip section is turned from 10mm brass hex bar for good grip and a 608 bearing on the end that sits in your palm.

3 in stock (can be backordered)

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