NFTs and Wheels?!

With the rising demand for NFT’s, we wanted to offer those who buy wheels from us a chance for a free digital collectable of their wheels.

See our NFT collections on OpenSea HERE

Why are you making NFT’s of wheels?!?

A fair question for sure!  NFT’s are rising in popularity quick enough that we wanted to offer those interested a fun way to show off their custom wheels.  We also feel the best way to understand any new technology is to try to use it regularly.  Admittedly, we don’t know a whole lot about the NFT space currently and felt that offering free NFT’s of your new wheels is a great way for us to build experience working with them.

Does it cost extra to get an NFT of my wheels?

Nope!  We are happy to gift a free NFT of your build to you.  If you would like one, just ask when you place your order, once the wheels are built we will produce the NFT and send it to your wallet.  Currently we are styling them similar to playing cards for athletes but that may change in the future.  If you ordered wheels previously and would like one of a past build, just let us know.  We have pictures saved of a lot of our past builds and are happy to make them into an NFT for you.  We also have made a number of NFT’s already using past pictures so there may already be an NFT of your wheels on our OpenSea account.  If yours is up there, we are happy to gift that as well.

What is an NFT anyways?

The short version is it is basically a digital collectable with verifiable ownership.  You are able to see the history of an NFT all the way back to its creation.  Think of it like an electronic version of playing cards, stamp collections, etc.  

The long version is they are starting to become used in far more areas as smart contracts, event tickets and more.  This article does a great job explaining what an NFT is along with a few of the current downsides to them.  Pizza, mutant apes and a sea of NFTs: Web3 is here

Word of warning to those new to NFT’s, currently there are a disproportionate number of scammers and projects that will lose money if you invest in them.  If you make it a point to start investing into NFT’s, I would make sure to base your purchasing decisions on the people behind the NFT project you are looking at rather than one simply because you like the artwork. 

Will the NFT give me any type of special access or deals?

Maybe!  We are currently trying to find a way to offer incentives to those who hold our NFT’s but do not have anything definitive yet.  We are just getting into this space and are still learning the best way to use it to its full potential.

Can I buy an NFT even if I don’t own your wheels?

Absolutely!  We will likely reserve the current wheel build cards for the wheels owners but may make changes to the boarder to differentiate those who own the wheels from those who just like the wheels enough to want an NFT of them.  We do have some under the EWC Culture collection that anyone is welcome to make an offer on.

Are there any other cycling focused NFT projects to watch?

Yep!  Bike Club is a very exciting project that is backed by people who really understand how to build something big and exciting.  We are proud to have officially be a brand partner with the project.

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