Spring is here and I decided it was time to finally clean all the winter gunk off the Xtracycle and put my Schwalbe Big Apples back on and take the winter tires off, along with replacing all that winter has destroyed like cables and brake pads.  Since I have yet to see much in the way of a review for these rims online I figured now would be a great time to write one myself.

It has been just over 6 months since I mounted these on my Xtracycle and so far they have been fantastic.  Despite my best efforts to break them they still have not been knocked out of true in the slightest, they have not seen a spoke wrench since the day they were built.

Since my main motivation in building these for myself was simply to test them out as a potential touring rim for customers because I want something that builds a little better than the durable but not always round Rhyno Lite I really have tried my best to break them.

Cargo bike wheels built with Velocity NoBS rims

Some of what these wheels have been through are:

  • Descending a 14,000 ft mountain that had the brakes hot enough that I could smell burning rubber.
  • A fair bit of singletrack and high speed washboard descents.
  • A bike move that easily exceeded 400lbs total weight at times.
  • People hauling.
  • My go to foul weather bike with a good amount of time below 0F
  • 2.35″ wide tires being run at relatively high pressures

Not only have these wheels stayed extremely true despite what I have put them through but from day one they were great.  They were very round/true from day one and despite not having a machined sidewall the braking has been just as smooth as any rim with a machined sidewall.  I think these are going to be my go to rim for those going on tour or just needing a solid rim for every day use from now on.

Velocity NoBS Rim

My only real gripe is I wish this rim was offered in black.  Some people would complain about this rim not having eyelets but it built just fine without them and is designed around not needing them so I would not worry too much about that.  If you must have eyelets they offer what is basically the same rim but with eyelets, it goes under the name, Atlas and comes in a pretty sweet polished version.

*Update 2021.  These rims are still running fantastic although we have not used them much the past couple years as kids starting school made running errands by bike a bit too time consuming right now.

For reference, I paid for these rims completely out of pocket and am doing my best to give a fair review, I am just genuinely very happy with these rims.

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