We understand how critical your wheelchair is to your mobility but also how limiting traditional wheelchair wheels can be when you want to explore trails off road.  Skinny, high pressure wheels are great for hard surfaces, pavement, etc but can make traveling off road extremely difficult.

This set of wheels allowed their owner to mount wider, knobby, mountain bike tires on their chair without changing the high allowing them to get through dirt and snow much easier than before.  They were built using high quality, made in the USA hubs from Phil Wood and we laced them to Promax BMX rims to provide plenty of durability and tire choices.

We absolutely love working with adaptive equipment so if you find yourself looking for similar wheels, or even just some general maintenance on your wheelchair but you don’t want to pay the typical inflated rates from medical supply houses, please reach out to us either through the contact form below or give us a call at (719) 428-5861. 

Our shop is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado which is about an hour south of Denver but we are always happy to ship the wheels we build anywhere in the world and we have a lot of options to try to match anyones needs.

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