Single ring, 1x drivetrains with narrow wide chain rings can work wonders with keeping your chain from dropping but if the ride gets rough enough you might still find yourself dropping a chain.

We have enough riders in Colorado Springs asking us about chain guide options for their Lauf True Grit and after a lot of searching, we realized the only chain retention options available would only prevent it from dropping towards the inside of the frame or were very expensive.  Because of these limited options we decided to fire up the CAD software and make our own affordable chain guide.

Our guide is built in a way to allow the use of wider range cassettes without the chain rubbing on the top of the guide.  It bolds directly to your Lauf gravel bike in place of the built in bottle opener using the same hardware.

Our guide is 3d printed in carbon fiber infused nylon making it very stiff and durable while also keeping the price down relative to those machined out of metal.

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