*2021 Update: It is with heavy hearts that we write this.  Iohan Gueorguiev, aka Bike Wanderer is no longer with us.  Since initially writing this article we became good friends, even spent Thanksgiving together one year so it is hard for us to say this.  But Iohan, you will be forever missed.  You can read more about his passing HERE.  Iohan’s story is amazing and turned into a 40 video series on YouTube that I strongly recommend you check out.  Inspriring is an understatement.

You meet some rather amazing individuals doing what I do.  When you specialize in building extremely durable wheels for people traveling long distances into some very harsh and unforgiving places all of your customers seem to be pretty great.  Iohan is not only a great adventurer but also a fantastic rider to work with.

He runs the website over at bikewanderer.com and this video is just his warm up believe it or not!  He is on his way to Alaska to work his way south all the way to Argentina so I highly suggest you try to follow along, he also runs a facebook page under the same name.

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