Join us for our 2023 Colorado Springs Cyclocross race and fall party!

The goal here is a party that happens to have a bike race going on at the same time.  The course will be fun and technical with a couple surprises thrown in.  The scoring and timing will be super basic, manually scored and if all goes well, we will know who actually won at the end but definitely do not expect detailed timing.  Fun is the goal here!

There are no prizes other than a good time.  We may have some goods to raffle off but going fast does not guarantee anything beyond a modest amount of glory.

All profits from this race will go to Kids on Bikes because community is everything and they do it better than anyone!

What type of bikes can you race?  We really don’t care as long as its safe.  Don’t expect us to measure tire width or sock height at this race.  If you are racing a mountain bike, we do ask that you remove bar ends, just for safety but other than that, cross bike, mountain bike, fat bike, etc, we really dont care as long as you have a good time and keep it safe.

Single speed racers!  Costumes are definitely encouraged but not required.  There may be an award for best costume but again, we are not promising anything other than a good time.

We WILL have food on site, it wont be anything fancy but we do plan to make sure our vegan friends can eat.

We may have some local vendors set up to show off their goods but this is all pretty last minute and I just sent those invites yesterday so we are not sure who will be able to make it.  Did we mention this will be a fun, low stress event?

We will say, if things go well this year, we have some really exciting plans to do this BIG next fall!

Register for the event here:

If you have any questions at all, reach out at the form below or give us a call at the shop.

Hope to see you out there!

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