*2021 Update: It is with heavy hearts that we write this.  Iohan Gueorguiev, aka Bike Wanderer is no longer with us.  Since initially writing this article we became good friends, even spent Thanksgiving together one year so it is hard for us to say this.  But Iohan, you will be forever missed.  You can read more about his passing HERE.  Iohan’s story is amazing and turned into a 40 video series on YouTube that I strongly recommend you check out.  Inspriring is an understatement.

There is nothing more I love seeing than the crazy adventures (that may be an understatement for this his trip…) my wheels can take people on. Thanks so much for the great review Iohan, I will continue to live vicariously through your amazing trip!

“Few incidents that the wheels survived: On the Dempster Highway (Yukon Territory, Canada), while riding in the mud the derailleur and chain were spun into the rear wheel, breaking both. The wheel was still perfectly fine. In Alaska, while riding through a creek (large stones, big bumps) the bearing bolts for the rear rack snapped but the wheels were fine. The biggest test was the GDMBR where often I had to ride over rough roads in the dark and at -25C.”

“These wheels are virtually indestructible.”